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Although it may hold wider interest, this website has been created primarily to give those who have lost touch a means of re-establishing contact - without obligation: either of joining the Association, or attending the annual get together.

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New :

2014 Re-union will include an additional session. 'Drop in' photo memorabilia / digital image projection shows - will make for a relaxed time to chat in the afternoon!

- Diary Date - Next Re-union Day is 12th July 2014 (= 2nd Saturday in July) - Will you be there ? *** !

- Nov 2013 - new web page additions = Old Ilminsterians Walking Group - .   .    .      .         .           .           -         takes it steady         :<)

2014 Reunion Day :

          The Invitation, Details and Booking Form !

New :

          Old Ilminsterians Walking Group:   for details go to Other Clubs and activities at the School

Introduction :

Formed in 1932, the Old Ilminsterians Association continues to meet annually, opportuning the company of other Old Boys and acknowledging the entity which contributed so much to their formative years - Ilminster Grammar School.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Association, and the four hundred and thirty year connection of the School with the Minster, the Association funded the design and fitting of the Stained Glass Window in St.Mary's Church in 2007.   Appreciation of the window has been expressed by the Rector in his Sep 07 Letter. This was done through the setting up the Old Ilminsterians Charitable Association - having achieved it's objectives, it will be closed in 2013.

The School ~ An overview of Ilminster Grammar School: its history from 1549, its buildings, their setting in the town,and some noteworthy characters.

The Town ~ Another website - gives details of the Ilminster, situated in the South of the English County of Somerset. ~ ( Use your 'BACK TO' button to return to us here!)

The Old Ilminsterians Association ~ Its formation through to its present day (informal) approach to re-unions.

Getting in Touch ~ Ex pupil? Most 'years' are represented at the re-unions - it is likely you know somebody!

The Forum ~ Have your say - or post a special request !

School Memories :

School Year-Photographs ~ 1947, 1954, 1961. ~ New

The School Syllabus - 1942 ~ New

Fourth Centenary - Order of Service - 1949 ~ New

Personal Recollections ~ New

IGS Sport ~ A term for each : Rugby, Football and Cricket - and still time left for 'other sports' (at present only a photo record) ~ New Pics

The Army Cadet Force ~ Initially part of 'The Somerset Light Infantry' it changed to became part of 'The Royal Artillery' (at present only a photo record) ~ New Pics

G3IGS and the School Radio Society ~ One of the clubs at the School, but with its members still communicating today - some thirty years following closure of the School. (with photos)

Other Clubs and activities at the School ~ A wide range of out of school activities and sports were provisioned by the masters and these were well attended.

Association Web Archive :

May 2011 - Message from The President

2011 Re-Union - Details and Invitation

2010 Reunion - The President's View - and Challenge

2007/8 - The President's view of the Year

2007 - President's Christmas Message

2007 - Re-Union Report ~ The New President's Day (with photo)

2006 - President's Christmas Message

2006 - Re-Union Report ~ The New President's Day (with photo)

2004 - Re-Union Report ~ How it went (from The 'Class of '54 perspective - with photo)

2003 - Re-Union Report ~ How it went (from The Outgoing President's perspective - with photo)

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